Lisa's new dog... Bogart!
Lisa at the "Windy City Heat" premiere.
Lisa with "South Park" genius Matt Stone.
Lisa with her "Dinner and a Movie" family.
One of Lisa's new pictures.
Lisa's headshot - - for now.
Here's a picture of Lisa at her wedding - - Does she look happy?
Lisa on a billboard - - in Times Square no less!
Lisa as Fiona Apple on MAD tv.
The young Lisa - - with her old nose.
Lisa in Vegas - - one of her favortite places on earth!
Lisa and her husband in Maui - - on their honeymoon.
Another husband picture - - the last one we swear!
Lisa's cat "Misty" - - posing for the camera.
Misty and Sonny - - after a hard day's work.
Lisa on the way to a big Hollywood party... or grocery shopping.
Lisa after her nose job - - It's the only thing she's changed... honest.
Prom Night 1989, with best friend, Deena.
Lisa, and same best friend, today - - with smaller hair.